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Liquid fertilization

We make grass green We make grass green

Liquid Fertilizing

We Are Professionals

At Blue Mountain Landscape, Sprinkler & Turf Care we take time to thoroughly train our employees to ensure the best service possible. Each employee working with us is trained by an experienced supervisor in the techniques and quality standards of Blue Mountain’s services.

We Are Dependable

You can depend on us to care for your lawn, trees, and plants. We take pride in our product and our service so we guarantee that you will be satisfied.

We Are Environmentally Safe

The environment is very important to us and that is why our liquid fertilizer is safe for the environment, you, your family and pets!

Our Product

Our product makes even the greenest lawn flourish and look healthier after just one spray. Our product will enhance the growth of all types of plant materials. It also has a dethatching agent to help reduce thatch buildup. When used on vegetables it increases their size by 18% ~ 30%.

It does so many things yet it’s so simple to apply and it’s entirely safe for the environment, you, your family, and pets. You never have to be concerned about polluting the air, soft, or ground water in the vicinity the product is being sprayed on. It will improve water retention in the soil and slow down evaporation which makes the landscape more drought resistant.

Our product promotes growth in the spring time and it develops stronger roots. Our product will provide the necessary nutrients to promote deep root growth and winter hardiness. Lawns cared for with our product are lawns with the appropriate amount of nutrients which require less water and there for the chances of getting any fungus are lowered tremendously.

Our product is proven to work and you will see a noticeable difference in anything you spray with our product.

Liquid Fertilizer

Our product is safe for the environment, you, your family and pets! We also offer:

  • pest control to abate pests around your home
  • offer aeration and re-seeding

our work